Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Earn by sharing pictures

I recently discovered a new way of earning on internet. All you have to do is to upload your pictures on this site and as people view them you are paid

You are paid depending upon the number of views of your image and if you make it more and more popular you can also earn by referrals .

All about Earnings from Internet -7 sureshot ways

In past few days, I had a lot of free time and energy to look for money-making opportunities write from my home. I googled a lot , read lot of blogs but could not find a post which could comprehensively cover all earning opportunities on a single post especially for international user. So I decided to write one myself from the point of view of an international user. It is a long post , read it whole if you want to get maximum benefit.

All you need to do is make a paypal account(can do it later also after joining) and start joining these sites.

So we are all set- I have divided the post into categories and I have listed only those links which are not scam, which I own subscribe to .This has taken a lot of research and lot of wasting time in others which proved out to be scam. This is a comprehensive package of information. All free of cost.

Earnings from Internet Unleashed -7 WAYS ( I have added few more ways in this post -a very interesting way is by sharing pics)

1. Earnings from Ads on Blogs/website -
This is the most common form of earning about which almost everyone knows. Adsense and Adbrite are the leaders here. I will cover this at the end of the post.

2. Get Paid to start/participate in discussions -
Get Paid to start/participate in discussions - This is the best and most heavily paid means of earnings from internet. The single leader in this is MYLOT. Here if you participate in 15 discussions with just 4-line replies and start 2-3 discussions of your own, you can easily pocket 1-2$ per day. If you can devote more time, you can earn unlimited. Also, there are referral earnings of 25%. Join ASAP. Once you join mylot, which in all likelihood you will if you are reading this, then read my next post(coming soon) on mylot tips to boost your earnings. For this subscribe to my blog on the right side.

3. Get paid to complete offers/signup -
This category involves earning money by signing up to certain websites (no adult content) . The best and trusted websites in this are :


This has a low payout limit of 0.5$ and offers 0.1$ on each signup. A very good trade. You can also earn by seeing ads etc. It has largest number of offers which keeps increasing (around 1500), so you can easily earn 150$ .


It has higher payouts but has better offers upto 1$. So better earnings.

4. Get paid to complete surveys : Completing surveys is a very good source of earnings as you enjoy and earn at the same time, plus you are actually contributing as your opinion matters. I would like to state that A-W survey is a scam. Do not go for that The best sites in this are :


This is the best for international users . It has higher payout of 20$ but that can be reached quickly as there are lot of surveys available. Very good site in this category, has referral commissions

b)TreasureTroopers : This is similar to CashCrate and has same payout limits and similar offers. You can join both these sites to boost your earnings though it ranked 1st for US users.

c)GlobalTestMarkets : They have a very good referrral program with upto $1 earnings for each referral.Also your opinion really matter there.

5. Get paid to read emails :
Earnings from email are low but you dont have to do anything- just read the emails in your inbox so if you signup in 4-5 such programs you get a good bonus earnings. The best are :

This is the best paid to read email program for Indian users where you earn Rs1 for every mail you read and Rs2 for every friend you refer. Also minimum payout is only Rs30 . Must join if you are in India.

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

This is good mail program for international users and has low payout of $1 by paypal.


This is similar to previous mail program but higher payout of 5$ but also higher earnings from each mail of 1-4 cents.

MatrixMails - Get paid

This is similar to previous mail program but low payout of 2$ but also higher earnings from each mail of 1-4 cents.It also has other paid offers.

6. Get paid to write posts/review on blog :
This is another very good way to earn because this you already do, so you are not doing anything extra. Only thing you have to do is to subscribe to the paying sites and they will ask you to write a post on a particular topic and you can earn upto 10$ for a single post .The best paying site in this category are :


As opportunities come to you , you start earning by writing.

Once your blog gets approved you can earn 4-10$ per post which is asked from you.

c) Other sites which are worth trying but have very low job requirements and hence not recommended unless you sre desperate

7. Get Paid if you are an expert in your field :
If you feel you are an expert then you can join liveperson and start giving advice to people by email/chat/phone and start earning on a per-min basis as high as 1$/min.

1 again .Get paid by ads on your blog :
Here comes Adsense and Adbrite which are by far the best than others. More about adsense and adbrite in next post.

Post your comments if you have any query or need any feedback.

Happy Earning Money